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Meals.Chat: AI Food Scanner App

Are you bulking up? Slimming down? Or are you simply interested in eating healthier alternatives than your current diet?

Perhaps you want to know how many calories are in your meal, or you want to understand what macros you're eating day in and day out. Either way, reading food labels on packaged food takes way more time than you want to spend. And it's even harder to estimate calories in a homecooked meal or when you're eating out.

Meet Meals.Chat - the food scanner that tracks your food intake in just five seconds.

Here's how it works:

Send a photo of your food whenever you eat or drink

Forget peering at the small print on food labels.

Snap a pic of your food instead, then sit back and let our food scanner do the rest.

Meals.Chat AI understands everyday food products, ingredient combinations and recipes. It'll analyze your photo and have your food's nutritional value on the screen in seconds.

Write what you had to eat

Forgot your phone?

Got distracted? Or perhaps you were simply too busy to snap a pic before you ate?

It's no big deal. Just tell Meals.Chat AI what you ate instead, and it'll estimate the details based on the usual recipe for that meal.

Scan your food packaging

If you have the food labels handy, scan them. Our food scanner will use the scanned information to determine what's in your meal.

For example, scan the wrapper and tell Meals.Chat: "I had three of these cookies". It'll come back with all the data.

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Get a nutritional summary thanks to AI


The energy in food or drink is measured in calories, and we need calories in our diet to function properly.

Meals.Chat helps you keep an eye on your calorie intake so you get enough to stay healthy while still hitting your goals.


Macros are food building blocks, such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If you're eating a high-protein diet or watching your fats and carbs, you'll want to know how many macros are in each meal.

Meals.Chat makes it easy to track the macros in every meal.


The AI scanner takes your photo or description and analyzes the likely ingredients in your food. But if the analysis looks off, you can correct the app and request an update to get the right details.

Check your stats to hit your daily goals

Download Meals.Chat to your device and make hitting your daily calorie allowance a breeze. Tell the app your exact goal (e.g., "2000 calories" and it'll help keep you on target.

It can also help if you're not sure what to aim for. Simply tell it what you want to achieve, such as "I'm 30, 180cm, 90kg, and I want to lose weight." The app will then figure out your daily food allowance.

Track your caffeine consumption

You've got loads to do, and coffee's the only thing keeping you going. We've all been there! But is your caffeine limit overflowing? Use the app to balance your coffee habits and track the caffeine you drink each day..

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Here's what the reviews say

If you need healthier swaps, or you're managing food intolerances Meals.Chat might help.

This simple food monitoring app turned my once daunting task, of tracking my meals and symptoms, into a simple habit.

It has helped me adhere to a diet that manages my condition effectively...and has been an absolute game-changer, offering insights that have significantly improved my daily life.

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